Preciosu Time series, Explorers exhibition 2018

JUDIT HORVÁTH LÓCZI was born in 1981 in Budapest, Hungary. Prior to her studies in Graphic Art, she studied Landscape Architecture at Budapest Corvinus University, Hungary.

Horváth Lóczi has had solo and group exhibitions in Europe, United Kingdom and the United States. She currently lives and works in Budapest.

Horváth Lóczi’s pure abstraction consisting of vivid neon colours and often rigid lines shares profound similarity with works from the De Stijl group. Her background in design and architecture is inadvertently woven into her artistic practice. Her dominant neon colours challenge the space, in this case her canvas, and test its potentials. Horváth Lóczi’s canvases appear architectural, in ways that they have the potentials to compliment a space, or to overpower the space, for themselves can be the space. It is a game of colour and space.

                                                                         Henrietta Y. Xie